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Only in JB Pritzker’s Illinois could a politically-connected arsonist get a pardon to become a fire chief. You have to read it to believe it. As reported by Capitol News Illinois:

SPRINGFIELD – Jerame Simmons got his long-held wish in December when he became the chief of the fire department that dismissed him 24 years ago after he was charged with setting fire to a vacant house and attempting to burn down his high school….

…But it was a pardon from Gov. JB Pritzker that finally cleared the way for Simmons to become the full-time, paid fire chief for the Prairie Du Pont Fire Department….

…The case drew national attention as 11 of the department’s 13 firefighters resigned following the fire protection district’s decision to oust the former chief in favor of Simmons…

…Simmons filed his petition on July 15, 2019, directly contradicting contemporary law enforcement reports of a number of 1998 incidents…

…Simmons, the son of a former deputy U.S. marshal and Metro East mayor, claimed innocence and submitted testimony from local officials attesting to his work ethic and trustworthiness.


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