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Another day, another criminal is getting away with murder due to Pritzker’s pro-criminal, anti-police agenda. 

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Another man won’t face murder charge after change to state law; Republicans say SAFE-T Act should be repealed

For the second time this week, Cook County prosecutors cited changes to the state’s felony murder statute as the reason for not charging a man accused of being involved in a deadly shootout that led to a murder.

On Wednesday, Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy said 22-year-old Tayvon Powe would have faced a first-degree murder charge prior to last summer when the statute’s changes went into effect.

“If this was prior to July of [2021] when the change in the law that went into effect, this defendant would be facing first degree murder charges,” Murphy told Judge Mary Marubio at Powe’s bond hearing. “ … He is not facing those first-degree murder charges at this point,”

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement in response to the latest outcome of Pritzker signing the most pro-criminal, anti-police legislation in Illinois history:

“As violent crime surges across Chicago and bleeds into surrounding communities, we are now seeing the direct consequences of a Governor who prioritizes criminals over the safety of law-abiding Illinoisans. With each turn of the page, the SAFE-T Act reveals another way laws have been changed to give the advantage to criminals and make the job of protecting the public that much harder for law enforcement. We need to repeal the pro-criminal, anti-police SAFE-T Act immediately and elect a Governor who will make our communities safe again.” 


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