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Last week, Kim Foxx, Cook County’s unpopular State’s Attorney, announced that her office will prosecute unlawful protestors at Chicago’s Democratic National Convention. For the last four years, Foxx has failed to prosecute criminal violations committed during protests that she deemed “peaceful,” which probably means “mostly peaceful” as so memorably stated during the Kenosha BLM riot by a CNN reporter in front of a burning building.

Now, Foxx has decided to selectively change Cook County prosecution rules as many Democrat officials stand idly by while violent protests break out on college campuses in Illinois and beyond.

Foxx should never have allowed illegal, violent protests and flash mobs to occur without serious consequences, and instead should have been prosecuting offenders to the fullest extent of the law. Violent crime in Chicagoland leads the nation because of rogue prosecutors like Kim Foxx and Eric Rinehart.

“Protestors, regardless of race or background, including BLM, antifa and pro-Hamas group protesters at Northwestern University and other campuses, who engage in serious criminal conduct, endanger citizens with acts of violence, resist arrest, and destroy property should always face repercussions for such unlawful acts – not get a free Foxx pass. For the last four years, soft-on-crime, do-little prosecutors like Foxx and Rinehart have endangered our state by failing to do their sworn duty and letting criminal defendants with long rap sheets out of custody and free to undermine, endanger and threaten public safety,” said Illinois Republican Chair Don Tracy.

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