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CHICAGO — Yesterday, Illinois Democrats voted to protect their own cronies and take choice away from voters. At the 11th hour, Democrats added an amendment to prevent the slating of candidates, a practice that has been in place for years, in order to protect two of their own members facing legitimate challenges – Katie Stuart and Mary Edly-Allen. Democrats are running scared because they know their policies have made them increasingly unpopular, so they resort to tricks like these to protect their allies.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement:
“When you hear about how loathed politicians are in poll after poll, all you have to do is look to the Illinois Democratic Party to see why. Sneaking amendments into legislation at the last minute to protect their cronies, taking the voice of Illinois voters away from them for a numbers game in Springfield, and thinking that Illinoisans are too dumb to notice should tell you all you need to know about how Illinois Democrats like to do business.”

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