Share the article: Biden’s Progressive Policies Continue to Harm the Prairie State

Today, Joe Biden returns to Chicago to raise money off of his big-spending mega donors, but don’t expect him to comment on the ongoing migrant crisis enveloping the city, rising crime thanks to JB Pritzker’s “un”-SAFE-T Act, and the fact that two thirds of Americans think the economy was better under Trump.

ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement pointing out the struggles Illinois families are facing as a result of Joe Biden’s disastrous agenda in Washington:

“Every day at the grocery store and gas pump, Illinois families are reminded of Joe Biden’s failed agenda that has made life harder. Higher prices and skyrocketing inflation are forcing families to make hard decisions on which bills to pay and what needs to prioritize first. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is coming to Chicago to raise money for four more years of his failed far-left, progressive agenda.”

“Joe Biden’s agenda is bad for Illinois and we are seeing devastating results every single day. Instead of raising money and rubbing elbows with rich donors, Biden should work on improving the lives of Prairie State residents that he has upended.”

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