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Support for Madigan’s 32% Permanent Tax Hike is Universal 
In case you missed it last week, all major Democratic candidates for Governor threw their unequivocal support behind Mike Madigan’s 32% permanent income tax hike.

J.B. Pritzker supported the Madigan tax before it was fashionable for Democrats. Back in April, the News-Gazette noted that Pritzker “recently told a group of party members that the state income tax should be increased to at least 5 percent, perhaps higher.”

Then, Pritzker released a statement praising the Madigan 32% tax hike budget after it became law.

Chris Kennedy said that Illinois “needed” the Madigan 32% tax hike budget.

Ameya Pawar said that a 32% tax hike on middle class families somehow “protects” them.

And Daniel Biss actually voted for the Madigan tax.


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