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There is an adage in politics that says the worse the internal poll numbers are, the more gimmicky a candidate’s campaign proposals become. For Governor JB Pritzker, 2022 is shaping up to be a bad year for his electoral hopes as crime, corruption, and high taxes continue running roughshod over Illinois families.

He needs a pick-me-up and this year’s joint budget and State of the State address is his latest attempt at distracting Illinoisans from his disastrous leadership and well documented record of asking us to pay more for a state government that doesn’t work.

Despite today’s election year gimmicks, Pritzker has a consistent record of supporting tax hikes. Sometimes he was successful in enacting them, and sometimes he was not. Let’s check the tape:

  • Pritzker spent $58 million of his own money to try and convince Illinoisans to change the state constitution allowing for a massive income tax hike and the ability for Springfield lawmakers to increase middle class taxes whenever they want. Luckily, Illinois families said no to the largest tax hike in state history.
  • Failing to pass the largest tax hike in Illinois history, Pritzker then turned to small businesses, increasing taxes by over $600 million on job creators across the state.
  • When the federal bailout disappears and Pritzker’s out-of-control spending sends us even deeper into debt, Pritzker’s already telegraphed what he will do next: raise the income tax by 20%.

“Pritzker has never once pursued true property tax relief for Illinois families despite billions of dollars in federal bailout money flowing to our state, complete Democrat control at the capitol, and three years to get it done,” said ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy. “And now he has the audacity to trot out these campaign gimmicks that pale in comparison to the $5.2 billion in tax and fee hikes he has already imposed on us? Pritzker is a proven tax-hiker, and that’s why we need a Governor who will provide permanent property tax relief, spend within our means, and lower taxes.”


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