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Facts are facts – cashless bail is coming and more criminals will be let into our communities

JB Pritzker knows crime is becoming the number one issue in the 2022 election.

He knows crime is out of control in Illinois. 

And he knows he shares responsibility for siding with criminals over communities.

Which is why the Governor is lying, deflecting, and trying to spin the “create more crime” bill he signed into law isn’t actually what we think it is. 

The truth: it’s EXACTLY what we all know it to be – a bill that eliminates cashless bail that will result in criminals being let back out on the street to commit more crime.

  • He’ll spin that his law doesn’t hurt victims of crime by giving their attackers more power. It does.
  • He’ll claim that his law doesn’t open up anonymous complaints against police to ruin their careers and deter them from doing their jobs. It does.
  • He’ll spin that his law doesn’t leave your home or business vulnerable to criminal trespass. It 100% does.
  • He will even lie to voters and claim that it wasn’t him that personally let criminals out of prison who then went on to hurt other victims…trying to blame “the system.” 

Facts are facts. And the law he signed does all of those things and he personally let dangerous criminals back into our communities.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police called it an “anti-police bill.”

The Illinois Sheriff’s Association warned Illinois families would be harmed by it.

JB Pritzker is the most pro-criminal governor in Illinois history. And we are all paying the price.


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