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For Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, the answer for rising crime in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs always seems to be a refusal to charge, more leniency, and early releases for violent criminals. Oh, and demonizing law enforcement. Policies and attitudes that have been detrimental to the safety of the public.

Take her recent initiative (allowed under a new law signed by JB Pritzker) that will have her office arguing in courts “that certain longtime inmates deserve more lenient sentences.” That’s right, Foxx’s answer to skyrocketing crime is to use her office’s time and energy releasing convicted criminals early onto our streets.

And let’s not forget, Kim Foxx was a corrupt actor shielding a celebrity and personal friend from accountability in the Jussie Smollett hate crime hoax case. After Foxx decided against pressing charges against Smollett for staging a fake hate crime, an independent investigation found that Foxx’s office had committed “substantial abuses of discretion and operational failures.”

Even after Smollett was eventually convicted of his crimes and sentenced to jail, Foxx called the court’s decision a “kangaroo prosecution” and “mob justice.” Yikes.

In light of Foxx’s unwillingness to protect the public from violent criminals and a wave of like-minded progressive prosecutors currently facing recalls across the country for their radical ideology, State Representative Tim Butler (R-Springfield) has introduced a bill that gives the residents of Cook County the ability to mount a recall effort against Foxx as well. Butler gave his motivation, saying, “The numerous issues surrounding Kim Foxx, and the complete lack of confidence the people have in her abilities as State’s Attorney, underscore the need for citizens to have the ability to recall someone in this vitally important position.”

So, here’s the question: does Governor JB Pritzker support or oppose the Kim Foxx recall bill? Is he happy with the way Foxx has handled her duties?


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