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CHICAGO — The Chicago Sun-Times reported this morning about trouble in paradise between Governor JB Pritzker and Mayor Brandon Johnson. Between the migrant crisis Pritzker brought to the state, Johnson’s inability to crack down on crime in Chicago that has made national headlines, and Illinois’s continued stagnation as Pritzker auditions to replace Biden, Illinois Democrats are facing new divisions heading into a critical 2024 for the state’s national profile.

From the Sun-Times“There is real frustration behind the scenes on both sides, stemming from the migrant crisis, Chicago’s crime wave, a tug of war over leadership of the Democratic National Convention and the parade of tax increases and costly mandates being imposed on Chicago’s business community.”

Even fellow progressives understand that they are failing Chicago on an epic scale, as Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor told Ben Joravsky“We should not be on the Fifth Floor. And I’m speaking my whole heart. We were not ready because we haven’t been in government long enough to know how government really works. … We’re pretending like now we got the power, let us show you how it’s supposed to be done. And we look real stupid, right now.”

ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement in response:  
“If the Democrat party’s idea of a progressive utopia is Chicago and Illinois, I am more worried than ever for the future of this country. We have a Governor who pushes a radical left agenda while auditioning to replace Biden and an incompetent Mayor of Chicago who is all talk. National Democrats are in for a rude awakening when they arrive in Chicago this summer and see firsthand how even a great City like Chicago can be compromised and eventually ruined by corrupt and progressive Democrat political machines.”

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