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CHICAGO — Freshman Democrat Eric Sorenson has come under scrutiny for hosting a drag event for kids in his battleground western Illinois district. Take a look at some of the coverage of the latest uncovered video from Fox News:

Fox News: Freshman Dem in battleground district says he has ‘no’ regrets hosting drag events for kids
A Democratic congressman in an Illinois battleground district said he has no regrets about hosting drag shows for children after years of promoting drag events on social media.

“No,” Rep. Eric Sorensen said in a recent video obtained by Fox News Digital when asked if he regrets hosting drag shows for children.

Earlier this month, popular social media account Libs of TikTok posted previous photos of Sorensen both dressed in drag and hosting a drag show for children in Illinois in 2021, which was viewed hundreds of thousands of times since it was posted on March 11.

…Last year, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a list of Democratic incumbents most vulnerable in the 2024 election cycle as they work to retain their seats in a Republican-controlled House.

Sorensen was listed among 28 other House Democrats deemed vulnerable by the party this year.

…In comment to Fox News Digital, the National Republican Congressional Committee called Sorensen a “far-left radical” representing rural Illinois.

“Eric Sorensen is a far-left radical who would be more at home representing San Francisco than rural Illinois. His actions are outrageous, and he clearly has no remorse,” NRCC spokesman Mike Marinella said.

Fox News Digital reached out to Sorensen’s campaign and press secretary for comment on his support for drag shows, including for children, but received no replies.

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