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Mendoza’s endorsement of J.B. Pritzker is the latest order she’s taken from Mike Madigan

“Mike Madigan made Susana Mendoza’s political career by backing her campaign and clearing the field of her opponents. Now, she’s repaying those debts by endorsing J.B. Pritzker, Madigan’s favorite candidate for governor. Madigan is steamrolling all opposition to Pritzker, and Susana Mendoza is playing her part as a cog in Madigan’s corrupt Chicago Machine.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

In the latest example of Mike Madigan doing whatever it takes to ensure J.B. Pritzker wins the Democratic nomination for governor, Madigan ally Susana Mendoza endorsed Pritzker’s campaign for governor.

It’s well established that J.B. Pritzker is Mike Madigan’s chosen candidate for governor. That is why Mendoza’s endorsement comes as no surprise – she’s been showering Madigan with praise and doing his bidding for years.

Mendoza thinks Madigan is a”brilliant politician, tactician, and public servant and a great man“. Mendoza even said Madigan is her “political mentor“.

Just a day after voting for Madigan’s massive 67% tax hike, Susana Mendoza seconded Madigan’s nomination for Speaker, ensuring yet another disastrous two-years of his reign over Illinois. In her speech, Mendoza said this of Madigan:

“It’s also my sincere honor to second the nomination of Michael J. Madigan for Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. I’ve had the privilege to serve under his unparalleled leadership for 10 years now, only a quarter of the time that Illinois has benefited from his almost 40 years of stewardship. Over the last decade, I have witnessed his skills as a leader and a man who time and time again has demonstrated his passion and love for this state and has consistently put Illinois first.”

And in 2015, Madigan pushed Daniel Biss out of the race for comptroller to clear the field for Mendoza, preventing a contested primary and ensuring an easy nomination.

Over her long career in politics, Susana Mendoza has racked up a lot of debts with Mike Madigan. Now, Mendoza is repaying her debts to Madigan by endorsing his favorite candidate for governor, J.B. Pritzker.


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