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State Representative Avery Bourne of the 95th District was elected to represent the 13th Congressional District on the Illinois Republican State Central Committee. The Committee is the governing body of the Illinois Republican Party and is composed of members elected from each of Illinois’ 18 Congressional districts. 

Bourne’s election followed a vacancy on the Committee after the resignation of former State Central Committeeman Fred Floreth.  Avery was elected unanimously by a vote of Republican County Chairman throughout the district. 

Applications to the position were made open to the public after Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy declared the position vacant early this week. The Republican county chairmen in the district convened today to hear testimony from each of the applicants to the position, followed by a question and answer session. After deliberation, the county chairman elected State Rep. Avery Bourne to the Illinois Republican State Central Committee.“I’d like to thank the Republican County Chairmen of the 13th Congressional District for running a smooth and transparent process to fill the vacancy. The Chairmen’s swift action ensured the 13th congressional district’s representation on the Illinois Republican Party State Central Committee,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. “State Representative Bourne has been a strong conservative and taxpayer champion for her constituents in the 95th District. Avery is a rising star in the party and her courageous defense of the unborn on the House floor in 2019 has earned her praise from leaders around the state. We are delighted to add State Representative Bourne to the leadership team of the ILGOP.”

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