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Today during a press conference, Governor JB Pritzker gave his clearest signal yet that he will go back on his 2018 campaign pledge to veto a new redistricting map drawn by partisan politicians. After months of numerous vague statements that he would veto an undefined “unfair” map, Pritzker was asked about his specific pledge today. 

His response (Watch the Video) was clear: he has no intention of following through with his specific promise and will instead happily sign the partisan gerrymandered map that Democrats in the House and Senate will send him. It turns out his promise in 2018 was a BIG LIE.

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy has released the following statement in response: 

“The people of Illinois fundamentally do not trust our leadership in Springfield to spend their money wisely, to do the right thing, or to reform our system. Absolutely nothing fuels that fire more than politicians who say one thing to get elected and then do another once in power. Governor Pritzker lied to the people of Illinois and promised to turn our partisan and corrupt system of redistricting over to an independent commission. 

The Governor should come to his senses and keep his word by vetoing the politician’s map. A man is nothing without his word. Pritzker still has the chance to keep his.”


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