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Last week, reporters asked Gov. JB Pritzker whether he felt responsible for rising crime in Illinois and for the brutal deaths of police officers since his anti-police, pro-criminal legislation became law.

Pritzker’s response, as reported by the Chicago Tribune:

“I attend the funerals of police officers. I talk to family members in the wake of the deaths of their loved one who was a first responder,” Pritzker said. “So, no one needs to tell me about the seriousness of the attack that has taken place on a police officer because I feel it, I talk to those people, unfortunately, too regularly. But it’s also one of the important duties of being governor.”

How outrageous and disgusting. JB Pritzker signs the most anti-police legislation in Illinois history while his Prisoner Review Board lets cop-killers out of prison early – and his response to skyrocketing crime and the murders of police officers is to brag about attending the funerals of police officers? 

“Governor Pritzker is responsible for the rise of crime in Illinois and to deflect criticism by bragging about his attendance at police funerals is absolutely reprehensible,” ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy said. “Pritzker thinks attending police funerals is one of the important duties of being governor. Well Governor, do you know what’s more important? Supporting police in jailing violent criminals so no one has to attend another funeral. The Governor turned his back on law enforcement and the law-abiding public by signing that anti-police, pro-criminal legislation.”


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