Share the article: Pritzker and Johnson’s Safety Plan Fails as Chicago Nearly Breaks Bloody Record

Memorial Day weekend should be a time of reflection as Americans think of the sacrifice service members have made for this country in the name of safety and security. For families in Chicago, it’s a weekend marred by mourning and sadness as countless families across the city are left dealing with the aftermath of this year’s bloody holiday.

While reports are still inconclusive, a few things are clear: 11 are dead, more than 46 people have been shot, and Governor J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Brandon Johnson’s safety plan for the city has clearly failed.

Ahead of the holiday weekend, Pritzker and Johnson announced their efforts to combat violent crime over the weekend. Instead of focusing their efforts on policing, they invested in third-party organizations to keep the peace.

Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Human Services sent 30 neighborhood peacekeepers to the city, while Johnson used tax dollars to fund 250+ grassroots organizations who would attempt to de-escalate violent situations.

Clearly it failed.

In addition to crime this weekend being worse than 2022, Fox News reported the “carnage was surpassed only by a record 12 fatal shootings in 2015.”

Violent crime in Chicago is nothing new, but neither is the lack of results from Democrats who preside over safety plans that deliver zero results. It’s time for Pritzker and Johnson to invest in law enforcement and finally get tough on crime.


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