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ICYMI: Pritzker says he’s  ‘disgusted’ by state lawmakers tainted by federal investigations

At an event organized by Axios, Governor Pritzker, commenting on the recent spate of federal investigations into Democrat politicians, had this to say: “I’m angry, frankly, and I’m disgusted by these people who take advantage of the public, who take public office and think that this is OK, that the stealing, the lying, that doing businesses that’s taking away from the public trough.”

The hypocrisy from the Governor is stunning and should be addressed. Given that the Governor is disgusted by corruption and those under federal investigation in his own party, how does he feel about himself? He is currently under federal investigation for possible tax fraud. 

The Governor recently said he doesn’t believe Madigan should step down as either Speaker or Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois despite the Speaker being named in FBI subpoenas and his close allies having their offices raided by federal investigators. If Pritzker finds the Madigan Machine’s public corruption “disgusting”, why would he not call on Madigan to step aside? Is the Governor trying to have his cake and eat it too?

“The Governor’s words ring hollow. He can’t pretend to clutch his pearls about those under federal investigation when he is currently the center of a federal probe himself. Pritzker should cut the act until he calls on Mike Madigan, leader of the Illinois Democrat Crime Ring, to step down.” – Joe Hackler, ILGOP Spokesman


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