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Featuring a new member of the crime ring, a “Magic Lobbyist List”, and two crime ring members calling it quits

A host of Illinois Democrat corruption news has come out since the Illinois Republican Party unveiled its corruption tracker, including new information from federal investigators about our latest addition to the crime ring. Let’s take a look at the updates:

Dorothy Brown Added to Illinois Democrat Crime Ring Tracker

A mainstay on the FBI docket, Dorothy “Clerk A” Brown has been under federal investigation for 6 years. Her corrupt acts have just recently resurfaced in headlines as federal prosecutors stated in a court document that the grand jury testimony of one of Brown’s top aides at the time was so full of lies that it “affected the government’s ability to file charges against Dorothy Brown.” The yet to be filed charges against Brown of course relate to her scheme to accept bribes of $10,000 to $15,000 for jobs, promotions, and raises within her office.

“Dorothy Brown’s long standing corruption and incompetence is unacceptable. The feds inability to file charges because her equally corrupt former aides lied, doesn’t change what we know to be true. We all understand pay-to-play politics, but Dorothy Brown has pioneered a ‘pay-to-work’ scheme that padded her campaign coffers in exchange for handing out taxpayer funded jobs. The Governor, Mayor, and County Board President should be loudly demanding she step down immediately. Where is their leadership?” – ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider 

The Magic Lobbyist List

Recently, more light was shed on one aspect of the Madigan machine, a lobbying conspiracy managed day-to-day by powerful statehouse insider and Mike Madigan’s longtime friend, Mike McClain. The news has been reflected on Madigan’s file on

WBEZ reported that the feds’ deep dive into the statehouse lobbying practices has uncovered a unique lobbyist network of favored insiders. WBEZ obtained an email sent from McClain to a group he dubbed the “Magic Lobbyist List” of former Madigan staffers and allies. McClain made clear it was at his and Madigan’s behest that they made the cut and that they were expected to return the favor by referring lobbying clients to each other and donating to Madigan campaign funds. 

Former Madigan staffers cashed in by becoming favored lobbyists, Madigan’s campaign coffers were padded, and the legislative process from beginning to end was controlled by, you guessed it: Mike Madigan. It’s a classic case of Pay-to-Play politics.

Sandoval Resigns and Cullerton Retiring

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Sandoval submitted his resignation, effective January 1, 2020. The date of his resignation is important as it allowed only a six day special filing period for candidates wishing to serve the remainder of Sandoval’s term. In typical fashion, the only candidate with enough support from the machine and with prior knowledge of the resignation will be able to file the required amount of signatures during the six day filing period. 

Senate President Cullerton is also joining others in scurrying off of the sinking ship, announcing his retirement effective in January 2020. His likely successor has her own ethical problems to face as well. 


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