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After months of criticism, Chicago Democrats reveal the truth, but Dem gov candidates remain silent

“The worst kept secret in politics is out: Chicago Democrats enacted a tax so they could just keep spending. Toni Preckwinkle finally admits she’s been lying to residents of Cook County, lauding the supposed health benefits of the Soda Tax, when instead it was just another Chicago Democrat money-grab. The taxpayers have known the truth for a long time, yet the Democrat candidates for governor continue to keep quiet and disrespect taxpayers.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

As Cook County Board of Commissioners President Toni Preckwinkle is set to unveil her budget today, she revealed the truth behind the wildly unpopular Soda tax she enacted.

“‘We chose as a revenue generator a sweetened beverage tax…’ she said. ‘But first and foremost, for the revenue.'” – From the Chicago Sun-Times.

Despite a vocal majority calling for the tax to be repealed, Democrat candidates for governor continue their inaction, choosing to build support within the Chicago Machine rather than stand with the voters and taxpayers who are paying the price. Opposition has gotten so strong that voters are refusing to sign petitions to reelect the Democrat candidates.

With less than a week to go until the Soda Tax repeal hearing, it’s clear that Pritzker, Kennedy, and Biss have no interest in standing up for Illinois taxpayers.


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