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All corners of GOP applaud the selection of Don Tracy, leader of and major donor to the anti-progressive tax and numerous successful campaigns

Within hours of the announcement, the selection of downstate businessman and attorney Don Tracy as the new ILGOP Chairman was earning rave reviews from all corners of the party in Illinois as the right choice to unite Republicans. 

Congressman Rodney Davis (IL-13):

My good friend Don Tracy will be a great Illinois Republican Party Chairman. He understands good policy and has been active in our Party for years. Don’s unifying leadership will lead our Party to victory against Pritzker and Madigan’s Democratic Party in 2022.”

Congressman Darin Lahood (IL-18):

“Don brings a tremendous skill set, passion and a thoughtful conservative approach to the job. I wish him much success and look forward to working with him to WIN in 2022!”

Congressman Mike Bost (IL-12):

“Illinoisans have had enough of the Democrats’ destructive policies in Springfield, and I know Don’s conservative leadership will help put the GOP on a path to help fix the many challenges our state faces. I am excited to work with Don and unite our party for victory in 2022!”

Not only does the Illinois Republican congressional delegation stand behind Don, State Reps. Brad Halbrook, Blaine Wilhour, Dan Caulkins, Chris Miller, and Adam Niemerg – members of the “Eastern Bloc” – released a statement saying in part, “Despite some news reports, Don Tracy is Chairman of the Illinois Republican party because several of the most conservative legislators in the state who represent the areas with the most weighted vote were involved and backed him…Make no mistake about it- the election of Don Tracy as State Party Chairman is a big win for conservatives.”

And new Senate Republican Leader Dan McConchie added, “I am confident that Don’s business and political experience will be of great value to our party as we begin to rebuild and grow the GOP in our state.”

These great legislators join House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute, and Paul Caprio of Illinois Family-PAC – all three of whom submitted endorsement letters during the application process – in supporting Don Tracy as leader of the party. 

In addition to elected officials and party stakeholders voicing their support, Tracy is heralded as a major player in getting some big wins for Republicans in the last election here in Illinois. One such effort was toppling Governor JB Pritzker’s signature policy proposal, the so-called ‘Fair Tax.’

Jason Heffley, the Executive Director of the Coalition to the Stop the Tax Hike Amendment, explained, saying, “As a major donor to the cause, Don Tracy was instrumental in helping us bring our message of stopping Pritzker’s tax hike amendment to voters. And through his leadership and advocacy for Illinois taxpayers, he was also able to bring others on board our coalition.”

Chairman Tracy has also been a major bundler and financier for Congressmen Rodney Davis and Darin LaHood and was asked to join the Republican Governors Association in 2019 – a group that helped win 8 of 11 targeted Governor’s races in 2020. His success in helping winning candidates and causes is what led to his decision to run for Chairman.

Chairman Tracy was appreciative of the show of support: “I cannot thank everyone enough for the kind words. In my time being involved in winning some tough and important races for Republicans, a united team with everyone rowing in the same direction was absolutely crucial. So, it’s heartening to see my message of being a Chairman for ALL Republicans resonate so quickly. The opportunities before us in 2022 will require us standing together.”


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