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Madigan focuses on 2020 legislative remap to join forces with Dem gov candidates and consolidate political power

“For Mike Madigan, 46 years in power isn’t enough. Even though he’s in his twilight years, Madigan wants to stick around until the 2020 remap so he can consolidate power and stick it to voters one last time. If given the chance, Pritzker, Kennedy, and Biss would all bow to Madigan and sign his rigged legislative maps in a heartbeat.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

This morning, Politico Illinois Playbook reported that sources are saying House Speaker Mike Madigan plans to stick around through the 2020 remap of legislative districts.

So why would Madigan, who has been in office since 1971 and whose tenure as Speaker has broken national records, choose politics over private life after such a lengthy career in public office? After all, Madigan has been in Springfield so long, he has witnessed or been a part of 4 remapping processes.

For Mike Madigan, 46 years in office isn’t enough. Even though he is at the twilight of his tenure in Springfield, Madigan plans to fight it out for a few more years so he can consolidate political power and stick it to voters one last time.

In 2016, Governor Rauner and a bipartisan group of community leaders like Chris Kennedy finance chief Bill Daley and J.B. Pritzker cousin Tom Pritzker supported the Independent Map Amendment to end the rigged redistricting process, but so far, the Democrat candidates for governor have been silent on what specific independent redistricting plan they would support.

Why the silence from Pritzker, Kennedy, and Biss?

Because they know, if given the opportunity, Pritzker, Kennedy, or Biss would join forces with Madigan and sign his rigged legislative maps in a heartbeat.


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