Share the article: J.B. Pritzker’s Faux Leadership on Sexual Harassment

After two weeks of bipartisan criticism from lawmakers and the media, J.B. Pritzker was finally shamed into mentioning Mike Madigan’s name tonight during the Democratic debate but refused to say he should step down as head of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot issued the following response:

“It’s been two weeks since sexual harassment allegations were revealed in Mike Madigan’s office, but it took until tonight for J.B. Pritzker to say Madigan’s name. That’s not leadership. That’s being shamed into saying something – anything – to get everyone to leave him alone. But Pritzker is still the only Democrat who won’t call on Madigan to step down as Chairman because he knows Madigan’s machine is his only hope for making it through the primary.”


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