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Look for Pritzker, Democrats “to be vague on the question of rates because to be specific would hand Rauner a tax-hike club he would use to beat them with”


We already know Democratic candidate for governor J.B. Pritzker loves tax hikes, just like his tax-hiking political patron, Mike Madigan.

Last April, Pritzker offered up his own tax hike plan even larger than Madigan’s 32% increase. And after Madigan’s levy became law, Pritzker said Illinois may need yet another tax increase to pay for all of his new spending.

Just last week, Pritzker released two new campaign ads touting a so-called “detailed plan” to hike taxes on Illinoisans even more under a new graduated income tax system.

The only problem? There are no details.

Pritzker’s commercials or campaign website offer no details of what the new, higher tax rates would be.

From the News-Gazette:

But look for the Democrats, excluding Daiber, to be vague on the question of rates because to be specific would hand Rauner a tax-hike club he would use to beat them with.
Demonstrating that point, Pritzker just released two more television commercials in which he endorsed the amendment without further elaboration.
So why is J.B. Pritzker mum on the details of his new tax hike plan?
Because to offer any specific details of higher tax rates would tie him even further to Mike Madigan and his massive, unpopular tax hikes.


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