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Nice language can’t disguise trojan horse tax increases & unnecessary mandates

Two years after Governor Pritzker’s failed tax referendum, there’s a new proposed amendment to the Illinois constitution on the ballot this November – the “Workers’ Rights Amendment,” or “Amendment 1”. While Amendment 1 is worded simply enough, make no mistake, it is a trojan horse paving the way for tax-increases and unnecessary big government mandates that will harm Illinois businesses.

“As Illinois Republicans, we believe in hard work and personal responsibility. We are pro-growth, pro-business, and pro-worker. As a direct result of the important right to organize and collectively bargain, unions have benefited our brothers and sisters in the trades, business, and public safety. While Amendment 1 is being promoted as a workers’ rights initiative, in reality, it is a disguised tax referendum, a Trojan horse that, if passed, is projected to cost a typical family over $2,100 in additional property taxes within the next four years,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy

According to research from the Illinois Policy Institute:

The change would prevent commonsense reforms to reduce homeowners’ tax burdens while giving government union leaders virtually limitless new ways to demand higher costs from taxpayers…Amendment 1 would guarantee that family pays at least $2,149 in higher property tax bills over the next four years, no matter which politicians win this November or how well they try to follow through on their promises.

This amendment is tantamount to a power grab, driven by big government union bosses, attempting to usurp potential legislative action, and effectively create a union mandate. This change – that could not be undone by legislative action – would make it even harder to do business in Illinois, at a time when businesses are already leaving in droves.

“Should Amendment 1 pass, it could only be changed or repealed via additional constitutional referendum, effectively usurping the power of the State Legislature to make needed changes in the future. While we support workers and their right to organize, the Illinois Republican Party opposes the passage of Amendment 1,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy.


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