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While Illinois families struggle with higher cost-of-living and rising taxes, Illinois Democrats have voted to reward themselves after the election with massive pay raises. Consistent with fiscally responsible governance in this time of economic uncertainty, all Republican legislators voted against this historic salary increase. 

Under the law which passed the legislature last week, the Democrat Lt. Governor, Democrat Comptroller, and Democrat Treasurer will receive 13.9% pay raises beginning when they are sworn in this week. The Democrat Attorney General and Democrat Secretary of State will receive 10.8% pay raises, and all Illinois State Legislators will receive raises of 18.4%. Democrat agency directors will also see substantial pay increases. 

“If Illinois Democrats have proven one thing over the years, it’s that they love enacting unpopular policies after elections to avoid the ire of voters during election season. They passed cashless bail and postponed the gas tax increase until after the election, and Chicago Democrats deferred property tax bills – all to avoid accountability with voters. Now, they’ve voted to raise their own pay. Illinois voters want fiscal sanity and responsible government, not tone-deaf pay raises for the Democrats and their allies,” said Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy. “It’s clear that this is self-benefiting overreach by Democrats reading the wrong mandate from the November elections. If Governor Pritzker signs this bill into law, Illinois voters should hold these legislators accountable next election.”

If signed into law by Governor Pritzker, the nearly 20% pay hike will make Illinois legislators the 4th highest paid in the country, behind California, New York, and Pennsylvania. 

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