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CHICAGO — Once again the Illinois Democrats are bowing to their special interest puppet masters,the teacher unions including especially the Chicago Teachers Union, by not renewing the Invest in Kids tax credit scholarship program. Without this program, thousands of low income students will lose the opportunity to attend schools they love and that set them up for a brighter future.

The beneficiaries of the Invest in Kids scholarships come from underserved communities that value school choice for a variety of reasons, just like CTU president Stacey Davis Gates. Union President Gates chose private school for her own children, but lobbies to take such choice away from other Illinois children.

“Letting the Invest in Kids program expire takes away educational opportunities from thousands of low income children they cannot otherwise afford,”
ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy said. “Not only is it bad public policy that puts a powerful special interest over public interest, it’s also hypocritical. Many well off teachers’ union leaders and Democrat leaders choose private school options for their own children, and at the same time deny that opportunity to the less fortunate. Democrats say they are always pro-choice, but that is certainly not their policy when it comes to education.”

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