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As J.B. Pritzker continually refuses to criticize Madigan, The News-Gazette calls Pritzker a “hollow man” who only cares about ambition and “toadying for Madigan”

“J.B. Pritzker is completely incapable of criticizing Madigan – for absolutely anything. Even as Illinois Democrats call on Madigan to resign his top party posts, you’d think a billionaire who claims ‘independence’ from Madigan would have the gumption to join in on the criticism, but no. Pritzker refuses to criticize Madigan because Pritzker owes his candidacy to Madigan and, if given the chance, would work hand in hand with him to maintain their corrupt, broken system in Springfield.” – Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

Today, the Illinois Republican Party released a new digital adUnwillingness. The ad highlights J.B. Pritzker’s refusal criticize Mike Madigan for his mishandling of sexual harassment complaints within his political organizations. Even as leading Illinois Democrats like Chris Kennedy and Daniel Biss call on Madigan to resign his top party posts, Pritzker remains silent. Why?

In their endorsement of Chris Kennedy in the Democratic primary for governor, The News-Gazette gives us a window into Pritzker’s candidacy for governor.

Whether it’s his undying loyalty to Mike Madigan, cozying up to crooked politicians like Rod Blagojevich, or devotion to personal ambition over the public interest, J.B. Pritzker is the status quo candidate who will protect and empower party bosses like Madigan, even as their political organizations are dominated by a culture of sexual harassment and corruption.

Watch the ad HERE.


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