Share the article: ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider Statement On Illinois Senate Democrats’ Tax Hike Vote

Moments ago, Illinois Senate Democrats voted unanimously to put a referendum before Illinois voters in the 2020 General Election which, if passed, would repeal the flat income tax provision in the state constitution. Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider released the following statement in response:

“Today’s vote from Senate Democrats empowers J.B. Pritzker, Mike Madigan, and the Democrats in power to raise taxes and spend more instead of passing the economic reforms our state desperately needs. Giving politicians like Pritzker and Madigan a blank check to raise taxes will only make our state’s problems worse. Higher taxes, more borrowing, and increased spending – that is all Illinois Democrats have to offer, and taxpayers can’t afford it. They refuse to change, and we will make sure voters hold them accountable for it.”

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