Share the article: ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider Statement on Governor J.B. Pritzker’s $3.4 Billion Tax Hike

Moments ago, Governor J.B. Pritzker released proposed graduated income tax rates as part of his plan to raise taxes on Illinois families and businesses. Pritzker’s proposed tax hike plan also puts in place “one of the highest in the nation” tax rates for businesses. Pritzker claims his tax increase would raise an additional $3.4 billion in tax revenue for state coffers. Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider issued the following statement in response:

“More tax hikes will not solve Illinois’ fiscal problems. Pritzker’s proposed $3.4 billion tax increase will lead to even more out-migration of Illinois families, businesses, and jobs. Tax-and-spend Illinois Democrats cannot be trusted with more of our tax dollars. That is why Illinois Republicans stand united against the Pritzker-Madigan tax hike and will continue to support reforms that will lower taxes, create jobs, and make our state thrive once again.”

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