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Illinois Democrats are either silent or praising the State Senator who will be arraigned this week after being indicted on 41 counts, including embezzlement and conspiracy

Sen. Cullerton must resign immediately. He may be hoping Illinoisans will forget about his criminal behavior, but the people of this state are fed up with corruption at the hands of its public officials. The self dealing must end now if citizens are ever going to put trust in their government to work for them and not the political ruling class.

ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider called on Sen. Tom Cullerton to resign last week after it was reported by the Chicago Tribune that the Democrat legislator has been indicted by federal prosecutors. Since then, it’s been business as usual for Illinois Democrats as Cullerton will be arraigned in US District Court this Wednesday – Governor’s Day at the State Fair.

Chairman Schneider is shocked at the silence from Illinois Democrats and especially the complimentary words of Senate President John Cullerton, who called his indicted cousin ‘a valued member of the caucus and a friend of mine’. President Cullerton didn’t just stop at nice words, he also cut Sen. Tom Cullerton a sweet deal, removing him from one committee chairmanship and giving him another – keeping in place the $10,500 pay hike chairs receive. 

Schneider responded, saying, “The shamelessness of Senate President Cullerton’s words and actions are a slap in the face to every Illinoisan. Embezzlement and conspiracy come with jail time for regular people. For a Democrat senator, those crimes come with a new committee chairmanship and praise. Are there any Illinois Democrats who will speak up and do the right thing?”

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