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Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider has released a statement following the separate press conferences of Governor Pritzker and U.S. Attorney Lausch: 

“Based on the evidence presented today by the United States Attorney’s Office, and in the context of months of revelations about the federal investigation into Speaker Michael Madigan and his closest associates, we believe it’s time for Speaker Madigan to do the right thing for Illinois and resign his office.

Governor Pritzker’s refusal to make such a clear statement may have to do with his own federal investigation into property tax fraud.  Perhaps he is concerned that calling on Speaker Madigan to resign will lead to calls for his own resignation.  We cannot discern when Governor Pritzker thinks Speaker Madigan should resign: next week, only when he’s indicted or only after he’s been convicted.  Nor can we discern whether Governor Pritzker will commit to resigning should the allegations against him bear truth.

The people of Illinois cannot afford this scandal to drag on for months and years.  Speaker Madigan should spare the citizens of Illinois by resigning immediately.  Should the federal probe of Governor Pritzker’s property tax fraud continue to escalate, we would expect him to do the same.”


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