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Even as other Dems attack, Pritzker stays mum on Madigan, proving he’s Madigan’s candidate for governor

On Saturday, the Illinois Democratic County Chairmen’s Association voted to endorse Mike Madigan’s candidate for governor, J.B. Pritzker.

The endorsement was yet another example of the Madigan Machine working to clear the field and install a loyal Madigan ally like Pritzker in the Governor’s Mansion, but it’s unsurprising – the IDCCA has long been a front group for Mike Madigan.

IDCCA President Doug House and his predecessors have done Madigan’s bidding for years, using the IDCCA to funnel campaign cash to Madigan’s allies and vulnerable House Democrats.

Then on Sunday, the Democratic candidates for governor held a debate to discuss their plans to increase taxes and spending without real reform.

The candidates may not have agreed on everything, but they all came together behind one clear fact – J.B. Pritzker is Mike Madigan’s candidate for governor.

Pritzker was asked point blank about his relationship with Madigan, and he completely dodged the question, refusing to criticize Madigan. Other candidates like Chris Kennedy took the Madigan question as an opportunity to highlight Madigan’s stunning conflict of interest and Daniel Biss even said Madigan is too powerful.

Pritzker, on the other hand, refused to answer whether or not Madigan supports his candidacy.

It’s clear – J.B. Pritzker is Mike Madigan’s candidate for governor.


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