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Jenny Thornley is a family friend of JB and MK Pritzker. Jenny Thornley worked on Pritzker’s gubernatorial campaign and then was given a plum job as CFO of a state agency. Unfortunately for Jenny Thornley, she was also indicted last month by a Sangamon County grand jury for defrauding taxpayers and stealing up to $100,000 dollars during her time at said state agency.

What is curious is that a small provision inserted into the recent omnibus criminal justice legislative package, signed into law by Governor Pritzker, was specifically designed to oust the individual who began investigating Thornley for her corruption. That individual was former state trooper and executive director of the State Police Merit Board, Jack Garcia.

From the Chicago Tribune…

“The Illinois legislature’s top two Republicans are asking if Gov. J.B. Pritzker and top Democrats placed a little-noticed provision in the massive criminal justice reform package passed in January specifically to oust the head of a state agency who was investigating a Pritzker supporter accused of filing phony overtime reports.”


“But GOP leaders want to know why a line was stuck into the sweeping crime package passed by legislators in January that prohibited anyone who has worked for the State Police — as Garcia had — from holding the merit board’s top job as of January 2022.”

That’s right, after a family friend of the Pritzkers was caught by a former state police officer stealing taxpayer money, Democrats covertly inserted a seemingly random provision into a larger bill that specifically barred this former state trooper from continuing in his role in state government because he was…a former state trooper. 

“Pritzker and his Democrat allies utilized the Madigan playbook once again. If someone crosses them – even in the interest of protecting taxpayers – they will go after that person’s livelihood. This corrupt way of governing has gone on for decades, and not only is JB Pritzker never going to fix it, he has become a master practitioner of it.” – ILGOP Spokesman Joe Hackler


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