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Regional hospitals, a major employer in the IL-13 economy, would be devastated under the Londrigan-backed Medicare X Plan

“Betsy Londrigan refuses to answer questions about her radical plan to cut hospital funding by $800 billion because she knows her plan will force local frontline healthcare workers like nurses out of a job. In a district where major regional hospitals employ thousands of Illinoisans, not only does the Londrigan-backed funding cuts to local hospitals put public health at risk, they would also devastate our local economies.” – Joe Hackler, ILGOP spokesperson

Betsy Londrigan continues to dodge questions about her support for the Medicare X public option, which will cut funding for hospitals by almost $800 billion over a decade, according to the American Hospital Association.

Yesterday, Capitol Fax’s Rich Miller asked the Londrigan campaign to respond to criticisms of her support for the Medicare X public option, and Londrigan again dodged and stuck to their talking points.

Miller also noted how critical regional hospitals are to the IL-13 economy:

“This congressional district has a huge number of major regional hospitals, likely the most in Illinois and perhaps one of the most in the country. Those hospitals are significant local employers and they also drive technological development. Not to mention that hospitals have been especially hard-hit during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The AHA said the Medicare X plan “would result in the largest ever cut to hospitals” and “could have a significant impact on patient access to care.”

WCIA also recently covered Londrigan’s support for Medicare X and the hospital funding cuts the AHA’s non-partisan study says will go into effect, if the plan is signed into law.


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