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CHICAGO — In case you missed it, former Chicago Alderman Ed Burke was sentenced to two years in prison and fined $2 million in a Chicago courtroom on Monday. Federal sentencing guidelines suggested a prison sentence of six and a half years to eight years. Prosecutors asked for a whopping ten year prison sentence. The light prison sentence surprised many, including Illinois Democrats. Here’s how Non-Republicans are reacting to the light sentence:

Chicago Sun Times:

“Former Mayor Lori Lightfoot was propelled into office amid fallout from Burke’s prosecution by highlighting the ties that several of her opponents had to Burke. In a statement, she said Burke “should be grateful that his sentence wasn’t longer – it certainly could have been justifiably so.”


U.S. Attorney Sarah Streiker had hoped the judge would not take Burke’s age into consideration, saying “His age did nothing to deter him to committing crimes, and shouldn’t absolve when it comes to punishment.”


Better Government Association President David Greising called the sentence “light” and criticized “the powerful and connected” who wrote in on Burke’s behalf. “To those who believe in accountable government, it was a disappointing spectacle, putting personal allegiance ahead of the public interest, and should have had little weight on imposing a just sentence,” Greising said.

CBS News:

“Federal prosecutors argued Burke, who is 80 years old, deserved a sentence of more than 10 years in prison, arguing the lengthy prison term is necessary to “protect the public from his future criminal acts.”

“Burke so far has failed to accept any responsibility in this case and maintains to this day he has done nothing wrong,” prosecutors said. “It would be naïve to think that there is anything stopping Burke, the consummate political insider with his coterie of misguided friends and well-wishers, from engaging in the same type of conduct in conjunction with public officials in the future.”

Legendary FBI mole Bob Cooley:

“Ed put tens of millions of dollars in the pockets of mob run businesses and put hundreds of mobsters on city and county jobs. This is the Ed Burke I know.”

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