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After running for Congress five times previously and spending nearly a decade in office, one would think Democrat Congressman Brad Schneider (IL-10) would know what he’s doing. Not the case for Schneider as he embarks on another re-election campaign.

First, Schneider has a pending challenge to his petitions because he claimed he lived in a house that he clearly didn’t. 

From the Daily Herald

The newly constructed Highland Park house that U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider listed as his residence on nominating petition sheets circulated this winter and on voter registration documents in January didn’t receive a certificate of occupancy until late last week, city records indicate.


That objection, filed Monday with the Illinois State Board of Elections, alleges Schneider doesn’t live at the address he identified as his home on petition sheets and a statement of candidacy.

Those documents were submitted to the election board March 7, more than a week before occupancy was approved.

Congressman Schneider is in serious danger of being removed from the primary ballot and having the embarrassment of hoping his local Democrat leadership rewards his blunder by slating him on the ballot for the general election.

But there’s more. Schneider’s new home is at the center of another controversy as he improperly took two property tax homestead exemptions last year on both his new home and his old one.

Also from the Daily Herald

U.S. Rep. Brad Schneider improperly received homeowner exemptions on two properties at the same time for one year, but he recently paid the balance of what he should have been billed, Lake County officials said Monday.

Brad Schneider is defrauding taxpayers in his district in two distinct ways. First, by swearing under oath he lived at a house that he didn’t, and second, by improperly taking a property tax break on the house he didn’t live in. 

Whether it’s sloppiness, laziness, or intentional deception – Schneider doesn’t deserve re-election. 


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