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Mendoza’s silence on major issues is further proof she works for Madigan’s Chicago Machine, not Illinois taxpayers

Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza is Mike Madigan’s attack dog – she spews vitriol in order to provide cover for the Chicago Machine’s corruption. After a decade of voting for Madigan and being a willing participant in his war against Illinois taxpayers, Mendoza is attempting to absolve herself of any responsible for the state’s fiscal challenges by dodging tough questions about her record. Here are five questions for Susana Mendoza that she’s yet to answer:

1.  Last night in an interview on WTTW’s Chicago Tonightyou stated your opposition to rolling back Mike Madigan’s 32% tax hike. Why are you once against siding with your “mentor” Mike Madigan over Illinois taxpayers?

2.   During your tenure as a State Representative, you voted for 10 unbalanced budgets. Do you feel you have any culpability in the state’s current financial troubles because you have never voted for a balanced budget during your entire legislative career?

3.  In 2005, you supported Governor Blagojevich’s and Speaker Madigan’s plan to skip pension payments – a vote that is now considered one of the major cost drivers of Illinois’ unfunded pension liability.  Do you regret supporting the Blagojevich-Madigan plan to skip pension payments?

4.  Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios has come under intense criticism for what many consider are politically motivated assessments that ultimately benefit insiders at the expense of low and middle income homeowners.  In fact, he is currently being sued by the Brighton Park Neighborhood Council and the Logan Square Neighborhood Association who claim that the county’s “residential property tax scheme is neither accurate nor uniform” and is “perpetuating institutional racism” by shifting the tax burden from wealthier, majority-white neighborhoods to poorer, minority neighborhoods. Do you believe the Berrios-Madigan property tax system is fair? If not, why have you never spoken up on this issue?

5.  Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios is currently suing the Cook County Board of Commissioners’ Board of Ethics in order to avoid a $41,000 fine and to retain the right to keep accepting contributions from property tax lawyers who practice before his office.  Do you agree with Berrios’ lawsuit and are you still endorsing his campaign for Cook County Assessor?


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