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As bipartisan calls for Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan to resign continue to grow, Madigan released a late-night statement declaring that he would not resign after receiving “positive” feedback from other Illinois Democrats.

Did Governor Pritzker talk to the Speaker?  If so, what did the Governor say?  If he didn’t, what is the Governor’s response to Madigan’s arrogant defiance amidst growing bipartisan calls for him to step down?

In the past two weeks, Pritzker hasn’t been able to figure out what to say about Madigan, his political ally, when asked by reporters.

He thought he could hide behind the Republican leaders in the General Assembly.  That excuse is gone.

He thought he could change his standard for resignation to when the FBI conducts a raid.  Oops – that’s already happened a few times.

Pritzker’s likely worried that the same U.S. Attorney closing in on Madigan might intensify a separate federal investigation into Pritzker’s property tax fraud

We don’t know if Pritzker and Madigan spoke yesterday but here’s what we predict Pritzker told him:

  • “Hang in there, Mike.  We are political allies.”
  • “Do you need more money?  Has the last $10 million run out already?”
  • “I can’t stand this U.S. Attorney either.  Why won’t he leave us alone?”
  • “Don’t resign, Mike.  If you go, I could be next.”
  • “I love what you did with the Democratic Party’s website.  I want every voter to know how close we are.”


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