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Illinois Democrats routinely put on a masterclass in how not to govern a state. Nothing displays this total disregard for good governance quite like their annual late-night budget drop and last minute blind vote. That’s right, Democrat budget negotiators again dropped an over 3,000 page document that spends more the $42 billion on the laps of legislators late last night and asked them to vote on the package minutes later without reading the document, holding committee hearings, or engaging in debate on the floor.

Democrat members of the General Assembly dutifully voted for this year’s budget and will undoubtedly go back home to their districts and tell taxpayers they are fighting for their interests in Springfield. That would be a lie.

Highlights of this years budget include:

  • $1,100 pay raises for legislators
  • A doubling of the legislator district budget allotment
  • Hundreds of millions in new discretionary spending
  • Increases taxes by over $600 million on job creators across the state
  • Passed at 3 AM with no committee hearing and no debate

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy released the following statement in response to last night’s charade:

“The budget process in Illinois is an embarrassment. This year’s budget, like last years, was passed in the dead of night with no legislators actually reading the bill. It features new spending, higher taxes on small businesses, legislator pay raises, and extra perks for politicians. At a time when families and businesses have had to tighten their belts due to the pandemic, Illinois Democrats are going hog-wild at the federal government bailout trough with billions in new spending. 

Democrats should be ashamed of the process and the resulting budget they rushed to the floor at midnight when no one was watching. This budget makes clear that it’s not a ‘new day’ as Speaker Welch claimed when he took over for his mentor, Mike Madigan. This is deja vu all over again.”


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