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CHICAGO — A prominent union leader calling to end school choice has revealed they send their child to a private school… no you’re not having deja vu or seeing double. We’re not talking about Stacy Davis Gates either, this week we’re talking about Sean Denney.

Sean Denney, the Director of Government Relations for the Illinois Education Association (IEA), has been a prominent opponent of school choice options in the state. Shockingly (or perhaps not so shocking now), Denney has exercised this very choice in his own household while advocating against school choice for low-income families.

Has lightning struck twice or are the alleged lead activists for public school teachers abandoning the principles they’ve claimed to hold for years? Think about this: two of Illinois’s top activists for public school education have more or less admitted that they have failed, choosing better educational opportunities for their children while opposing access to those same education programs for under-resourced families in Illinois.

Stacy Davis Gates, President of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), has been an outspoken critic of school choice, even characterizing it as “racist.” Yet, it has been discovered that she sends her own child to a private, Catholic high school in Chicago.

The Invest in Kids Act, a program that provides scholarships to underprivileged students for private school education, is a subject of debate solely because of people like Davis Gates and Denney. While some continue to oppose it, statistics show that it enjoys bipartisan support, with 63% of Illinoisans and 69% of Black respondents expressing support for school choice.

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