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Friends, I write to you today to help make sure our minds are focused and our energy is channeled towards positive change for the state of Illinois during the home stretch of the 2020 campaign season. Our state is in serious trouble. Has been for quite some time. But like you, I choose to stay and fight because this is my home and I won’t abandon it. Your dedication to a better Illinois inspires me everyday. 

We owe it to ourselves and future generations to make sure we do everything in our power to move the needle towards reform – towards sanity – on election day this year.

And we DO have the power.

I get messages sent to me and I see comments on social media posts everyday from angry Illinoisans who simply want to know what they can do to stop the madness. They wonder how they can make an impact to move Illinois from financial ruin, never-ending population loss, and massive government overreach to an Illinois on the side of the taxpayer, affordable to raise a family, and safe from those who seek to destroy. 

Not having an answer to that question, many angry Illinoisans turn to social media as the extent of their involvement in fighting for change. Unfortunately however, I would argue that individuals have largely sorted themselves out ideologically on social media into different spheres of influence, thus lessening it’s impact for political transformation. Put another way, every meme or complaint you post about the Governor is largely seen by people who already agree with you. 

Are undecided or swing voters – people we need on our side in blue tinted Illinois – being swayed by your newsfeed on Facebook? Probably not…no offense.

And herein lies the hard truth of this. There is no silver bullet, no magic wand to waive, and yes, no court case that will save our state from Mike Madigan and JB Pritzker’s destruction. There is only one method to fixing Illinois: electing reform-minded Republicans, and defeating Democrats at the state level.

And what does it take to elect Republicans and defeat Democrats? I won’t lie – it takes a lot of hard work. It takes an army of patriots willing to engage in street level campaign voter contact such as making phone calls or knocking on doors. It takes some generous individuals willing to send in a check to their candidates of choice. Whether it’s $5 or $500, everything adds up.

We will never change Illinois if we do not channel our collective anger and energy towards productive means. For example, which do you think makes a bigger electoral impact? Arguing with your ill-informed uncle or socialist co-worker online over politics or spending an hour on the phone talking to 20 undecided voters? I know the answer and I think you do too.

Making sure your efforts are productive also means making sure they are targeted for maximum impact. With that, the Illinois Republican Party is excited to roll-out a program called “Races to Watch” to answer that question we started with: what can the average person do to make a difference?

The candidates within the Races to Watch program represent the most competitive contests in the state – both challengers who have a good chance to knock off a Democrat and incumbent Republicans who face well funded opponents in swing districts. In order to push back against Madigan and Pritzker’s control, we must keep the Republican legislative seats we have and eat into their majorities by defeating incumbent Democrats. These races will all be decided by low single digit margins and they need your help.

I’ll say it again, Races to Watch is your tool to maximize your efforts for change this fall and defeat Democrats. I encourage you to check it out by clicking the link below and signing-up TODAY to make some calls, knock on doors and/or donate a few bucks.

All of your help is much appreciated by myself and the candidates who need you.


Tim Scheider

ILGOP Chairman

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