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(Chicago, Illinois) – The Illinois Republican Party, in partnership with the Chicago Republican Party and the Northside GOP Club, hosted a highly informative event on Wednesday, February 28th, at The Reveler in Chicago. The event provided clarity and understanding about the crucial role of election judges and poll workers in ensuring fair and transparent elections. Through an interactive session, participants learned about the essential tasks performed by election judges and the significance of their impartiality in upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

The event provided a platform for individuals to have their questions addressed and gain insights into why it is imperative for citizens to serve as Republican election judges. By encouraging friends, family members, neighbors, and colleagues to attend, participants had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the realities of election day and the critical role played by election judges in upholding democracy.

“Fair and transparent elections are the bedrock of our democracy, ensuring that the voice of every citizen is heard and every vote counts,” said Don Tracy, Illinois Republican Party Chairman. “Election judges stand as guardians of this sacred process, ensuring that our democratic principles remain steadfast. By demystifying the election judge/poll worker process, we aimed to ignite a sense of civic duty, inspiring individuals to step forward and serve their communities in this pivotal capacity. Our commitment extends beyond mere participation; we are steadfast in our dedication to championing conservative values, supporting Republican candidates, and advocating for policies that foster the prosperity and well-being of all Illinoisans.”

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