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Today the Illinois Republican Party was made aware of a ballot issue in Schuyler County, where Early Voters were given ballots containing the name of a former Republican candidate instead of current Republican nominee for Senate Kathy Salvi.  As well, over 300 Vote By Mail ballots containing this same defect had been disseminated to Schuyler County voters.  Kathy Salvi’s campaign was justifiably upset over this error.  

From the Salvi campaign press release earlier this afternoon: 

“On Tuesday, October 11th, it was brought to my attention that ballots drafted by the Schuyler County Board of Elections, and approved by the Illinois State Board of Elections, incorrectly listed one of my primary opponents as the Republican nominee for United States Senate.  Our campaign legal team immediately took action and worked with the Schuyler County State’s Attorney. While we came to the best remedy – to sequester the hundreds of ballots that were distributed – this does not solve the most pressing problem of election integrity and transparency.”

Illinois Republican Party Chairman Don Tracy issued the following statement in solidarity with Salvi and her campaign:

Voters need to have confidence that our election process is conducted fairly and transparently. This is an unacceptable error by the Schuyler County Clerk.  While we are lucky that we caught this error early, this doesn’t change the fact that it could very well disenfranchise dozens of her voters. Officials responsible must be held accountable professionally, and Schuyler County must come up with a solution to remedy their mistake and ensure these voters have a say in who represents them in the United States Senate.”


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