The National Republican Data Center is an exclusive product of the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Illinois Republican Party (IRP). The proprietary programming and technology utilized for the acquisition of data, updates and maintenance is ongoing and expensive. The RNC has provided that all individual state parties, (IRP) have the final authority for decisions granting requested user access. To that end, misuse and abuse will not be tolerated. The IRP can deny or revoke all and any levels of user access any time for cause.

User access will be terminated for unsuccessful primary candidates at the end of each primary election, and for all candidates at the end of each general election cycle applicable to that office. (pending any election contests/recounts where such data access would be necessary.) Users will be required to reapply upon termination.

Any situation not explicitly covered in the IRP Data Center rules and guidelines will be presented to the Executive Committee of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee in consultation with the RNC and officially designated Republican organizations (identified in the rules and guidelines) for resolution.


  • Applicants for user access must have proven Republican voting history, defined by selecting a Republican ballot in the two primary elections prior to the current election cycle in the case of use in a primary. In the case of the general election, the applicant must have selected a Republican primary ballot in that year’s primary and the previous primary.
  • Each applicant is required to complete his/her own online application and must agree to and follow the rules outlined within the user agreement.
  • If the user violates any of the rules in the user agreement, or is suspectedof violating the terms of the agreement, his/her access may be downgraded or terminated without notice.



Party Officials

  • Each elected precinct committeeman is allowed access to his/her precinct.
  • Each appointed precinct committeeman and precinct captain may begranted access to his/her precinct through the approval of the county chairman. In Cook County, ward and township committeemen may approve appointed precinct captain access to individual precincts within their respective wards and townships. In counties where active township organizations exist, the county chairman may allow township chairmen to approve Data Center requests.
  • An elected county chairman is allowed access to his/her county. 1/17/14.
  • Cook County ward and township committeemen are allowed access to their respective wards and townships.
  • An elected State Central Committee member is allowed access to his/her congressional district.
  • A Deputy State Central Committee member is allowed access to his/her congressional district, with approval from his/her associated State Central Committee member.
  • Additional volunteers and organizational leaders may apply for access and will be considered on individual merits.


District Request Goes To: In Consultation With:
Statewide IL Republican Party National Committees
Congressional IL Republican Party NRCC
State Senate SRCC IL Republican Party
State House HRO IL Republican Party
Countywide or County Board County Chairman IL Republican Party
Multi-County Judicial IL Republican Party County Chairmen



A Republican candidate who has formally announced and/or filed with the State Board of Elections or appropriate election authority who is seeking elected office in a primary contest against an incumbent Republican officeholder will not be granted access to Data Center.


A majority of the Illinois Republican State Central Committee Executive Committee has the authority to grant access at the formal written request of a campaign.

Acceptable with approval

  • A Republican candidate who has formally announced and/or filed with the State Board of Elections or appropriate election authority for an open seat, or against an incumbent Democrat officeholder may be granted access after requesting and receiving the approval from his/her umbrella organization. (Example: state senate candidate must be approved by the SRCC, etc.)
  • Officially recognized Republican-aligned organizations may request access on a project-by-project basis to assist with approved targeted voter contact programs. Requests must be made in writing and submitted to the Executive Director of the Illinois Republican Party, or his/her designee.
  • In nonpartisan elections, a candidate supported by a local Republican county, township, or ward may request access with a sponsoring, officially-recognized Republican organization.

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