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The recent bailout of Silicon Valley Bank and purchase of Credit Suisse have exposed the significant challenges that financial institutions face in today’s economic climate. President Biden’s 2021 $1.9 trillion stimulus spending created Bidenflation, leaving policymakers with an unenviable choice between an upward price spiral that hurts American consumers or raising interest rates that could put the banking sector at risk.

“Trillions in spending and special giveaways deemed unnecessary and inflationary by Obama-era economists are the root cause of Bidenflation,” Chairman Don Tracydeclared. “Furthermore, the regulators tasked with ensuring that banks like Silicon Valley Bank were appropriately capitalized fell asleep at the wheel.”

Credit Suisse’s recent struggles highlight the vulnerability of large financial institutions in today’s economic environment and emphasize the potential risks of the Federal Reserve’s continued efforts to curb Bidenflation.

“To reverse the current trends, President Biden and his Democrat allies in Congress must be held accountable for the high-debt, high-spending environment that led to the crisis,”Chairman Tracy said. “Otherwise, our banking sector and the US economy will remain under threat.”

It is critical to recognize and address these challenges to protect the financial industry’s stability and ensure long-term sustainability. 


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