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Facts are facts: on Kwame Raoul’s watch, Chicago had more murders than any other city in America. On his watch, rioters destroyed businesses and hurt our state’s ability to bring in new business.

The state’s top law enforcement officer has been asleep at the wheel, hiding behind his corrupt political connections rather than taking a stand for the people of Illinois.

He may not have to call on Mike Madigan’s (resigned in disgrace, under federal investigation) buddies to scare primary opponents off the ballot this time, but he will certainly have some explaining to do to the voters on why Illinois is known around the globe for crime and corruption on his watch.

ILGOP Spokesman Joe Hackler released the following statement: 

“Chicago just had its deadliest year since 1996. The Illinois crime rate continues to outpace the national average. The dirty corrupt secrets of politicians across the state are coming to light in multiple federal investigations. And what is Kwame Raoul doing as the state’s top law enforcement officer? Failing and keeping quiet.” 


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