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The Illinois Republican Party today called on Governor J.B. Pritzker to explain why he is unwilling to call for House Speaker Michael Madigan to step down from his positions as Speaker and Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois when he was willing to call on State Sen. Martin Sandoval to resign his chairmanship of the Senate Transportation Committee under similar circumstances.

Last October, after the FBI raided Sandoval’s home and office in search of evidence of bribery and fraud, Governor Pritzker said: “While Sen. Sandoval is under investigation, it’s in the best interest of our state that he no longer serve as chairman of the Transportation Committee.  If he doesn’t step aside, he should be removed.”

But over the last few days, Pritzker has refused to apply the same standard to Madigan.  Instead, Pritzker says Madigan should only resign if the allegations against him are true — whatever that means.

“Pritzker’s double standard when it comes to Mike Madigan’s resignation raises all kinds of red flags,” Chairman Tim Schneider said.  “What does Madigan have on Pritzker that would compel the Governor to change his standard for resignation in just nine months?”

Pritzker now faces several unanswered questions:

1)    Why did you call on Marty Sandoval to resign his chairmanship before an actual indictment but won’t call on Madigan to resign his speakership and chairmanship of the Democratic Party?

2)    Will you acknowledge that Michael Madigan is “Public Official A” in the US Attorney’s court filings?

3)    Rod Blagojevich was also “Public Official A” and you supported Blagojevich at that time (in fact, you even called Blagojevich to discuss the US Senate appointment).  Clearly, you made a big mistake with Blagojevich.  Aren’t you making the same mistake all over again – only this time betting your governorship on the newest “Public Official A”?

4)    Which allegations against “Public Official A” described in the US Attorney’s court filing do you think are not true?

5)    Will you demand that Madigan return your campaign contributions?  Do you have concerns that Madigan is using tainted campaign funds for his legal defense?

6)    Why did Carrie Zalewski fight in court to protect ComEd in litigation arising from the death of a cable line worker?  Doesn’t that raise red flags given her conflict of interest in the ongoing federal probe?


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