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This week the Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU) – a political arm of the Democratic party – voted to refuse to show up for in-person work until their “conditions”are met, leaving Chicago students locked out of school to fend for themselves. 

Despite Chicago Public Schools receiving (and spending) more than $100 million in federal aid specifically for school re-opening, the CTU has once again put their agenda ahead of students. ILGOP Chairman Don Tracy has released the following statement calling on Governor JB Pritzker to stand up to his political friends:

“When it comes to standing up to political allies, the Governor conveniently forgets that he is the leader of this state with influence and power. Previously, the Governor actively funded the Madigan machine and then later stood by silently while the former Speaker was under investigation. Now those being directly harmed by the Governor’s silence are the children of Chicago Public Schools who desperately need in-person instruction so they don’t continue falling further and further behind. It’s time for Pritzker to finally be a leader and stop favoring teacher union bosses over school children.”


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