MEDIA ADVISORY: ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider to Comment on Susana Mendoza’s Misuse of Public Funds

Mendoza Buys $32,000 SUV Weeks into the Job, Bears Striking Similarity to Alexi Giannoulias Scandal

When: Sunday, Feb 19th, 11 am
Where: Thompson Center Plaza
What: ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider will comment on Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s misuse of public funds to buy a $32,000 SUV

This weekend, the Chicago-Sun Times broke the news that new Comptroller Susana Mendoza bought herself a $32,000 SUV just weeks into the job. Comptroller Mendoza not only prioritized her personal comfort by purchasing the SUV, she managed to find a way to fully pay off the vehicle while social service providers continue to wait months to get paid.

Even worse, the Comptroller’s office already had nine state vehicles. Apparently the vehicle fleet that was good enough for Comptroller Munger is not good enough for Comptroller Mendoza.

All this comes after Mendoza pledged “shared sacrifice” with social service providers, who Mendoza promised to put at the front of the line to receive state checks.

Instead, Mendoza put herself first, spending $32,000 in taxpayer money on an SUV.

Watch the ILGOP’s new video comparing the Mendoza scandal to the Giannoulias scandal here.



ILGOP Chairman Tim Schneider Statement on the Passing of Illinois Native and Former House GOP Leader Bob Michel

"Our State and the Republican Party have lost a true statesman in the passing of Illinois native and former US House Republican Leader Bob Michel. Bob served our state and nation with honor and distinction both in uniform and in the halls of Congress. His reputation preceded him - Bob was a deft lawmaker, always ready to forge compromise, but never willing to sacrifice principle. More importantly, Bob Michel was a man of civility, respected by all on both sides of the aisle. The Illinois Republican Party sends its condolences to Bob's family in their time of grieving." - Illinois Republican Party Chairman Tim Schneider


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Asked repeatedly on WGN about his feelings toward Madigan, Kennedy ducked and dodged.

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