ICYMI - Chicago Tribune: History illuminates what Rauner is up against

For decades, lawmakers in Illinois sold out the taxpayers – cutting raw deals with machine politicians and special interests that benefited themselves at our expense. But now we have a Governor who stands up for taxpayers and says no to the reckless spending.

Speaker Madigan – stop protecting your special interests and vote on a balanced budget. 

Madigan, Cullerton Continue to Stall

You would think if they genuinely were frustrated by the lack of a state budget, as they ceaselessly pretend, they would protest. You would think these lawmakers, whose role as public servants is to put the interests of the state ahead of their own and their party's, would confront Madigan for snubbing every budget proposal out there, including the one from their Senate colleagues. You'd think they would be staging a coup, determined to put a stop to the nonsense and the inaction that threatens their political futures and, more important, Illinois' future.
They're not. No urgency.

Positive Headlines for Rauner’s Speech

While Governor Bruce Rauner addressed the people of Illinois directly, pleading for compromise and unity amid an historic budget impasse, Democratic candidates for Governor and allies of Speaker Mike Madigan publicly refused to accept the Governor’s call. Instead of agreeing that it’s time to reform our state to end the budget impasse, Democrats attacked a plea to work together.