ILGOP Releases Digital Ad: "46 Years"

"While the world was changing around him, Boss Madigan stayed the same - choosing to tighten his grip on power over fixing a broken status quo. Forty-six years of damage are enough. It's time for House Democrats to embrace reform and toss Boss Madigan into the dustbin of history." - Illinois Republican Party Spokesman Aaron DeGroot

Following the release of the Boss Madigan Quiz, the Illinois Republican Party continued its countdown towards January 11th, the election for Speaker of the Illinois House. With six days left until Decision Day, the Illinois Republican Party is released a digital ad highlighting major world events that have occurred during Mike Madigan's unprecedented forty-six years in Springfield.

While the world was witnessing history-making events such as the resignation of an American president, the collapse of Communism, and the advent of new technologies, Mike Madigan, the longest serving House Speaker in United States history, amassed political power to the benefit of his corrupt Chicago Machine.

Next week, House Democrats face an historic choice - side with taxpayers and embrace bipartisan, broadly popular reforms or side with Illinois' most unpopular career politician, Chicago Political Boss Mike Madigan, and his status quo. 

The future of Illinois is at stake. Voters are watching and they will not forget.

Watch the ad HERE.